The Mental Health & Homeless Problem That Politicians Aren’t Talking About.

Everyday it seems more and more Americans are falling through the wider and wider cracks of society. Well educated people, it’s not just the unskilled, it’s people from all walks of life these days. But what’s even more shocking is the lack of compassion society has been conditioned socially to show.


We now have huge groups of Americans willing to vote for politicians that are vocal about massive deportation, cutting medical care and social security. I’m truly convinced these are people who only use the internet, or their $800 smartphone to send and look at cute cat pics. They get all their news from The Corporate Television Networks like FOX. Network News no longer tells us what we need to know to be a well informed society. It’s about what sells the ad space. The Kardashian floating butt bomb, child incest, car chase, homicide, standoff that keeps us glued to the boob tube for hours on end, even though there’s no longer a tube involved.

It’s become a really cold mean world  out there full of fake kisses and fake “I love yous”. The heartless greedy landlords want on average $1,000 a month from people working for $9 an hour, or below. The upper 1% mega millionaires made it like this, they cornered the market once again on slave labor, just as they’ve done ever since they bought slaves from Africa to work to death. But it’s those smiley faced upper middle class peeps that do the 1%’s bidding. You know the one who ran you off the road in her $80k full sized gas hog BMW SUV!? The upper middle class are the 1%’s buffer zone. They’re the educated, job skills, drug testing, war on poverty police from hell i.e. that cop who make $100k a year while you eat 79 cent walmart brand mac & fake cheese for dinner again for the 8th day in a row. They have their little gated gardens in their reclaimed urban redevelopment communities where the poor used to live, but they had to move out due to rents quadrupling almost overnight. It’s a beautiful historic district now. The upper middle class worry very much about their soft skin and vegan tofu image of love and light, so they brag at wholefoods market and on social media of their tiny sacrificial donations they’ve made to feed the needy in distant counties. But be careful with them.. They’ll get quite il if they can’t eat their fair trade over priced health food that only the upper class could afford. But they’ll gladly give you a soft fake smile and I love you’s as you clean their Godly huge house, while hoping you’ll have enough money to make it till the end of the week, but you’ll probably miss a meal so the 3 kids don’t. However you’re the true kind spirit of love and light and you’ll never complain even once. Because you were taught that’s not proper work ethics and you always follow the rules. But never mind that she did a huge background check on you and drug tests you around every other month randomly. She cares about your welfare, she even said so.

America has become a really scary place to live if you’re not making at least $70k a year. I figure if I lose friends for what I’m saying something must have stung. You don’t make friends in a corrupt society telling the truth.

I’ll write more on this later, Coletta `~^..^


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